So I have started collecting tattoos. I have 4 now. I started in October and I dont plan on quitting soon. I dont want to be covered in them but I do want them in a select few places. Here they are so far in order of creation!!!

Alis Volat Propriis, Latin for "She flies with her own wings" by Josh Avery

A seahorse, it reminds me of home, By Josh Avery

again an ocean themed tat on my ribs on the right side, it reminds me of home by David 

this is about a third of the way done, it will go all the way up my back and will be colored pink when its done. by Josh Avery

These tats are all thanks to the awesome job of Josh and David at Loyalty Tattoo 293 S. State St. Clearfield Utah 1(801)773-1643!
Click this link to see Josh Avery's tattoos!  http://joshaverytattoos.com/


how much is too much?

Dear Cat owner,
If you said that you owned 2 cats would people look at you like you were crazy? No. 2 cats are normal...What if you had 3? You would most likely be a cat person, its okay, its a way of life. Nothing to be ashamed of. How about 4 cats? At this point you have reached the title of desperate and pretty much single forever. Once we reach 5 cats and above you can kiss your so called social life good-bye. From now on your life revolves around Sir Mittens Chuggingworth and Snowball. Your home will always give off the faint cat odor that everyone hates but no one mentions and your furniture/curtains will never look the same again. You have gained the great and terrible honor of being called a cat lady. Embrace your status in life, brush the cat hair off of your clothing and hold your head high! Not everyone can handle it with such good grace. Im proud of you for being so strong. Don't worry when you get lonely your home will always be full of animals that may never love you but they will always come back. Don't blame them for not loving you, they are cats their default expression is one of disgust and loathing. A kiss from them is the sting of their claws kneading into your skin until they draw blood. But again, don't completely lose hope. You will never be alone again, everywhere you turn there will be a cat waiting...On the couch-cat, on the table- cat, on the windowsill- 2 cats. On the wall you will have a series of step like shelves for the cats to climb up and stare down at you like gargoyles. You will someday have an entire photo album created for all of your pet cats and you will hold people hostage on your cat hair covered vintage smelly couch until they have seen every picture. Your backyard will resemble a graveyard, covered in the crosses of all of your beloved past kitties. You will be that crazy aunt that everyone in the family avoids at all costs because they don't want to be trapped, hearing the latest exploits of Mr. Paws and his equally mischievous sidekick Felix. 
I just wanted to take this time to say good luck and I hope things work out for you. I'm going to be outside playing catch with my outgoing and flirtatious dog. We are going to pick up a couple of attractive guys and go on a play date at the park. But hey, you have fun with your ball of string..try getting a laser pointer, those are fun too!

 Dog lover


help him understand

I was reading a blog called I got jokes, she had some great ideas on how to get your guy to understand what a period feels like, so I decided to share them too!

Ten Ways to help your man understand what it's like to have a period

1. Have him lay down (preferably on a hard surface) and beat him repeatedly in the abdomen with a baseball bat. Get him to turn over and repeat on lower back. 
2. Piss him off so badly that although he wants to stop screaming at you, he just can't. 
3. Fill a condom with corn syrup and make him wear it for five days straight.
4. Rub his inner thighs with 60 grit sandpaper to simulate chafing. Repeat between butt cheeks. 
5. Punch him in the chest 150 times, 75 hits on each side.
6. Do not allow him any kind of sexual gratification for 3-5 days. This includes self-stimulation. 
7. Smear olive oil all over his face, paying special attention to chin, nose and forehead. Throw some in his hair too. 
8. Smash his new, 50" plasma screen TV, forcing uncontrollable sobbing. This might also work for #2. 
9. Buy him the ugliest, most unflattering underwear you can possibly find. Make sure you get at least five pairs.
10. Put him in a diaper. The bulkier, the better. Then make him carry one to the bathroom so everyone at his workplace knows he's wearing it. 

Try these suggestions and I guarantee that your man will be ready with a hot water bottle, some Tylenol and a back massage every month when TOM shows up.


what hurts the most

What hurts the most is knowing that something happened to you and being to afraid to do anything about it. To have to live with it and to know that even if you tried to make it right that it still wouldn't be. We all make choices in life that have consequences. Time to buck up and live with them. Like my mother always said, "Pull up your big girl panties and deal with it." So here goes nothing. I am not an all night motel, not open to service to whoever can pay the most money. The only ones allowed to enter my bed without invitation are my little girls and the only reason they crawl in my bed is because of a nightmare. Im growing up and Im going to deal with this. Maybe not in the way that I should which would be to make a report, but emotionally, yes im growing up. Im going to put it behind me and forget. Im going to go on with my life and Im going to start making choices that are not as unhealthy. Time to tip the scales, I cant live life like I did or something even worse is going to happen. I couldn't live with that. So here is me forgetting. Putting it down in words without putting it down in words. Here is the last time Im going to talk about it. Here is me moving on.



So I was sitting here planning on giving it a couple of days before I write my next entry because I have been posting a ton lately when I got hit with this overwhelming feeling that I miss my daddy. So this post is all about my Dad and how much I love him.

What will always remind me of him:
1. Brooks and Dunn and Alan Jackson, mostly Brooks reminds me of him but really the songs they all sing and the classic country style always make me miss him.

2. The smell of feed and hay. I spent countless hours in the barns with him while growing up. He is that smell and I treasure it.

3. He refuses to say "I love you." So my dad is gettin up there in age, Not OLD per say but definitely getting closer to decrepit.This means that he grew up during the time when a grunt was a delicate I love you and cleaning the pig stalls basically had you set apart as soul mates.My dad is about 74 which means he wants me to finish school, get married and have grandbabbies (not necessarily in that order.) To get him back for this I often call him for no particular reason trying to get him to tell me he loves me. His usual reply is "uh yup ok well bye thanks for calling." I wont ever let him hang up without telling me at least "you too." Its one of the best things to do when bored.

4. I want to make my daddy proud. He doesn't know this, but everything I do is basically done to make him proud. I want to be that mommy that brings him grandkids, I want to get my masters degree so that I can be someone that he brags about to all of his farmer buddies. But most of all I want to be what he wants me to be, a good daughter. I love him with all my heart and I miss him like crazy. It was one of the hardest things ever to move this far away from him.

 I will forever and always be daddy's little girl.